Random Talk: Relation(sheep) Nowadays

It has been long time since i haven’t posted anything on my blog , cus i simply didn’t feel like posting . But the other day I was browsing net and i came across relationship advises from popular people on internet , youtube , personal blogs and so on  . So i checked few videos on youtube  and there were so many videos portraying how relationships have to be , how to date a girl , how to know if she in  to you , how to satisfy her or even what to do or not to do in bed . I mean wtf (excuse my french ). Why not listen to your heart and do things you can do ,not what media tells you to do!?? Instead of watching and practicing random videos on how to be perfect, why don’t you actually go out with your loved one and spend some quality time!? At the end of the day the hot girl/ guy on youtube will not care for you.

The problem is nowadays the media portrays how a man should be and how a woman should be. For example – the old spice commercial, the guy will go from Mr. Poetic to Mr. Strong man…and I know girls out there who turn a guys persona on and off all the time and that’s not right.

Now I’m not saying social media is bad and you shouldn’t listen to it all blah  blah blah , but simply you should know your limits in which to take part and which one to ignore.

Society opens up all the aspects and secrets of dating ,acting or even tells us what to say , there is no mystery left in the world . They set up rules and codes on how to live their lives . Unfortunately  people follow them and try to be who they are not inside ,  because  they believe if some random hot girl/guy tells  them how to act and react it means its right, AND this is how HOW IT SHOULD BE . That’s just wrong , In my opinion if you keep following society, media eventually you will loose your self and become a sheep who follows shepherd.


My Point is Just be your self and listen to your heart, but don’t forget your brain.

Now my question of the day is : Movies, television, video games. Media in general. They all depict love to be a wonderful thing that unites people and portray it as an unstoppable power. Furthermore, they make it seem that those who fall in love live their lives devoted each other and nothing and no one gets in the way. Is “happily ever after” real? has it happened to anybody? Love to me is a business. What we can give and what we can take. Some think that all men want is sex and all women want is money. If that is the case, marriage can be compared to hiring a long term courtesan. If we believe that love is such a wonderful emotion. if it is everything they advertise it to be, why is it that most couples nowadays break up or divorce due to stupid things like money? sure, we need money. But again, if that is reason enough to abandon the person you “love” then we have to ask ourselves, did we really loved them? or did we love what they could give to us? if that’s the case, what happened to ” for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part” ?. That was a religious and moral oath. If they can’t uphold it, that even brings into question their faith and integrity. So is love about caring for someone without conditions and simply enjoying their company or is it about obtaining material possessions and better financial or social status by having an almost business like relationship with another person?

What’s your opinion? Leave in a comment section below 🙂

Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog .


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